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Friday, October 14, 2011

Red Ants out of control

These little creatures never quit multiplying and they can bite in a heart beat. I have repeatedly used a granular pesticide and it seems like they rapidly move
to a new colony. When they bite, look out. Their bite not only hurts at first, but
then itches like crazy for a week or so after forming a large pimple-like white
head. Never saw any thing like it. I've learned to wear higher socks in the yard
and then spray over my work shoes and socks with an ant repellent. This gives
me a fighting chance.
The best solution I have found to stop the itching and dry them to a scab quickly
is benedryl liquid with an itching solution. Use it especially at night or you will wake                                    up itching to no end in the middle of the night. Be careful, they climb your legs as fast
as anything I have ever seen.

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