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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Okra Galore

Okra plants just keep producing. Look at the plants from May and they continue to harvest and harvest.
I just picked these fresh this morning and we have a ton more coming. If you are an Okra fan, plant your own, so much cheaper than buying at a store and they are simply delicious when fresh off the vine. There are also endless possibilities for different recipes with Okra.

Notice the crop from today and these grew like wildfire again in two days when they wee not even quite ready. So, when is Okra ready? It is best at 2-3 inches in length. Anymore than that and they can be difficult to work with when baking. Keeping them at 2-3 inch length at harvest keeps them from getting woody. They are young and tender at this length. Notice the Okra on the left, just too long and went unnoticed versus the one to its right. You will notice when you put a knife through them.
Just enjoying our own Okra in the South!!

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