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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Gardening in the South versus the North

Though I am not new to gardening, I moved from the North and learned that it is much different trying to grow vegetables in the South. I belonged to an organic farm coop and enjoyed eating safe veggies and had my own thriving veggie garden. When I came South, I quickly realized that the bugs and garden diseases are far worse, especially if you like organic gardening.

Wilt is a soil disease that can claim the life of a nice, near mature tomato plant if it is not disease resistent as indicated on the plants brochure. Your best defense is to plant your organic tomatoes in large pots as wilt disease can remain in the soil for years. Otherwise make sure you buy disease resistant plants but then forget about eating organic. Pots in a raised garden bed perform just as well as planting in the soil while assuring the comfort of a good tomatoe crop.
I never heard of nor experienced Wilt disease up North.

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