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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Planting Fruit bearing Trees

Since planting fruit trees in the garden in March, which included Fugi Apple, two different Asian pear trees  and a Plum Tree. We were initially told by the Nursery owner that all trees are mature enough to bear fruit this year. Well, we have since learned that the Fugi Apple takes at least three years. We do have pears but that is another problem and we did get a few plums.

Regarding the Fugi, to realize fruit growth, the limbs have to hang downward. We were told to place weights (using string or similar) to pull the branches downward which will then help produce the fruit (in a few years). Seems like a lot of work and waste of time to me.

The few plums look great but will take some time to get a more abundant crop.
The Pears are another issue. The one tree was overflowing with new pears HOWEVER, because of the weight of the individual branches with pears, the branches could not support the pears and actually broke off, thus ruining several beautiful pears. We have corrected this by using heavy duty 'ties' and clips to support the smaller branches with a lot of fruit.

We also had to cover the trees with a net, purchased cheaply at either Loews or Home Depot and surrounded the trees with it. This keeps all rodents and deer away from the fruit. Since doing this, we've had no problems. See pictures.
If you look closely at all three pictures, you will notice the 'netting' around the tree and the 'tie' supporting the limb.
The netting is sensitive to an animal's nose so it does scare them off. It is the only thing that we found does work and it is cheap compared to a lot of sprays and similar chemicals that only contaminate your fruit.
We have since purchased a solar powered (non-hard wired) sensor which will hopefully startle the critters. We will keep you posted.

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