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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Gardening Rule #1 - Protect yourself

Right FAT Thumb

Notice swelling and size differences

Protecting yourself while working in the veggie garden can avoid a lot of problems. WEAR GLOVES!!
With the numerous tiny insects invading your garden, you are prone to a bite, sometimes without knowing it for hours. Recently I returned from vacation and dove into my garden routine without gloves.
Sure enough, I awoke in the middle of the night, my right thumb finger started throbbing and I had incredible pain. This persisted for two days while I attempted to care for it myself - well, that doesn't work. My right thumb became enlarged and very hard around the flesh area and started to turn blue under my finger nail.
UNPROTECTED GARDENING will cost you time and money!! My next trip was to a local clinic with a large needle shot in the buttocks, followed by a week of various prescription drugs. THIS CAN BE AVOIDED BY WEARING GLOVES.
I've learned my lesson and hope that you will consider gloves which are inexpensive but can be very time consuming and expensive if you elect to go unprotected.

Got this note from a viewer:  Sorry to hear about the finger. 
About two months I was working without gloves and got an infection requiring antibiotics.  The damn thing lasted a long time and the nail finally was replaced.  I try to never work in the dirt without gloves.  I hope your bite/infection heals soon. 

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